The history of Villa Hahn begins in 1923.

How it all started

The villa in the Haendelstrasse 9 was designed and built in 1923 by the architect Eugen Weber. The principal, Erich Barth, was the producer for circular knitting machines. After a few years the building was sold to the Jewish industrialist family Frank. Due to the rise of Adolf Hitler on 30 January 1933 the family immigrated to the United States. Subsequently, the estate passed briefly over into the hands of the hosiery producer Luis Bahner from Oberlungwitz.

1934 to 1945

From 1934 to 1945 the villa was owned by the Auto Union AG and served the family Hahn as home. Due to the massive air strikes on Chemnitz on 5 March 1945 was the building badly damaged. The advancing Red Army was ultimately responsible for the flied of the family Hahn on 7 May 1945.

1945 to 1989

After the 2nd World War II was the Villa orphaned and in 1949 transferred to public ownership. It wasn’t until 1954 that the keys were officially handed over to a facility for children with learning problems and social abnormalities. During the communist area the building was abandoned to a slow decay.

1989 to 2003

1989 followed the renaming of the institution in "Karl Winter children's home". A fire in 1992 led to the closure of the children's home. After the renovation of the building in the late 1993 to early 1994, it changed its character to a children's home with special therapeutic character. From September 2001, the villa was home to a Waldorf Kindergarden.

2003 to 2012

Due to a roof fire in June 2003 the building went into vacant property. Therefore the villa was in a very bad condition when it was acquired by its present owners in 2003. The primary goal was to fundamentally renovate the building and to restore its original effect. In coordination with the Saxon State Office for the preservation of monuments has been made a professional restoration.

In August 2003 Uwe Bauch and Janko Nebel acquired the house with the Bauch-Nebel GbR, which now acts as a business office complex for the same owner of the business software manufacturer community4you AG. The building was renovated and in October 2004 began the software company to operate.

On 2 April 2008, the company building received the honorable name "Villa Hahn" named after the honorary citizen of the city of Chemnitz and long-time President of Volkswagen AG, Prof. Dr. Carl H. Hahn. The building was renovated and in October 2004 began the software company to operate.

In 2010, a few landscaping projects were carried out on the outdoor area, and the impressive fountain was restored in summer 2012. Thus, the villa and its garden present themselves as a stylish ensemble.


With the careful restoration of the villa building, a major step was taken towards preserving the historic structure of Chemnitz and it represents a piece of the city's history. The villa was recorded in the list of cultural monuments in Chemnitz-Helbersdorf, which were added to the list of monuments by the Saxony State Office for Monument Preservation.